Seeking Tamil Fellowship in Christ, Far from Home

In the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, the Tokyo Tamil Church serves as a sanctuary where our shared faith and language converge. We believe that our spiritual connection is enhanced when expressed in the tongue that resonates deeply within us. Here, you will find a community that cherishes the rich traditions and nuances of our Tamil heritage, blending seamlessly with our love and devotion for the Lord. So, whether you’ve called Tokyo home for years or have just arrived, come and be part of a family that celebrates, prays, and worships together in the heartful melodies of Tamil. Join us and experience the warmth of home, even miles away.

It is a Ministry of Voice from the Wilderness Japan

Voice from the Wilderness is a Ministry lead by Bro. David Balan and Joanna Balan with (YNET) Youth With A Mission International. Since 2017 we have been involving in various ministries and mission activities. 

David Balan | Joanna Balan | Jonathan Chrisylton | Shingen | Alicia Carmichael

The David Balan's Family

Missionary in Japan Since 2017

What we believe!

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